This is a classic, a game that deserves to be in the hall of fame.

User Rating: 9.5 | Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins PS
Very good story, excellent characters, big world, very funny moments, difficult puzzles and battles and a classic that must be played, even if it´s old and the graphics are not great.

There are really good games coming out right now that keep our attention, with excellent graphics and an inmersive story-telling. But I guarantee you that this classic is worth playing even now, and you will be surprised by the good quality game you have in front of you. It´s not only a classic, it´s a game that is a real challenge (hard to find a game like this nowadays). The boss-fights are the inspiration of lots of games, the puzzles are a real challenge, and it´s surprising how events are connected and how important is to listen to the people in the different towns.

This is a dungeon crawler, with tricky puzzles and intelligence challenges, and hard enemies, I think I have played this game for years now, and it surprises me when I play games that are from a younger generation, and they don´t even equal the quality and difficulty of this game: Alundra is an example of a game that has it all.

Such as Chrono Trigger, and the FFVII, I think Alundra 2 deserves a place of honor in the industry, a real masterpiece.

Give it a chance, I dare you to beat the game; it´s old-school.