Somewhat cult classic puzzle rpg delivers.

User Rating: 6 | Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins PS
Maybe i was young at the time, maybe easy to please, but this game brings some fond memories back. I recall it being hard however. Made by Contrail with unfortunate Activision involvement. Released Feb, 29th 2000. I double checked the date on that cause i cant believe it was only 10 years. I swear i was playing that back in 98.

Good graphics. At the time i was impressed.

Voices were relatively new to gaming, and this game had good voices. Nothing elaborate but still surprising.

Puzzles and RPGs makes for a decent combination. This game had a few memorable moments along with items that made you feel powerful for having them. Other than that, its unimaginative.

Replay value:0/10
Beat it once, you've done it all.

Bottom Line:6/10
A good game for its time. Nothing special and nothing ground breaking.