if your looking for an example of a bad game here it is

User Rating: 3 | Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins PS
Its a shame that the game is to easy, the most worse part of this game is that all the characters in the game look very messed up I must say they either have a bad, sick or blind artist. Plus the song sounded corney and I'm always at the stupid looking village with the song that sounds really crazyling STUPID. One thing i'm confused about is that why do they call this game alundra 2 and NO! its not about the pirates so don't bother asking. I think its because they wanted it to make it look like an alundra game.

Thoses Idiots don't know that the game is terrible and they wanted it to have a good title called "alundra two" I know a good title and I think its the best for them here it is "A Stupid Game" Rated S For Stupid.

Another thing why dose'nt flint talked I would have given it a better rating if he actullay talked. This game is nothing like Alundra so If you think theres part two Your wrong, What kind a name is flint not to be funny but why not call him flintstone, or barny or WILLMA!!! ( I actullay Laugh just to let know.)

Anyway This is my review of this Bad game Everything I wrote is true even the part I laugh is true too!