Scarily awful... Amazing.

User Rating: 3.8 | Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins PS
I loved the first Alundra game, so I was ready for an Alundra world in low poly 3D when it came. Turned out to be one of my worst buys ever, felt like to make the shop give my money back and keep the game because it's so bad! =P So here's my humble opinion on this horrid game.

Flint is a pirate hunter, in an era of pirates he becomes wanted. Princess Alexia of Varuna learns of him from the wanted posters and search for him in order to get help and restore peace in the small kingdom. The king has been locked away by Baron and the evil genious Mephisto has a scarily cheesy way to turn animals or humans into evil beings. Flint the speechless and Alexiathe princess is here to save the day!

First of all I'd like to warn you about the voice acting, I've never heard anything that bad and grusome! It was too silly to be true and did not make a good first impression of the game. The story itself is ok, wasn't too bad nor good, but didn't really make much sense. You decide if you dare to play this. =P There are some very, VERY frustrating sidequests that will leve you "wtf?", because of stupid themes. Toilet research and hunt for puzzle pieces? Ok, toilet research IS quite original, but give me a break!

Camera was one of the things that annoyed me thourgh the game, the angling and the controlling was awful and it took quite a while to get it right. Controlling Flint was decent, nothing bad there to point out and how to use magic and skills was fairly good. Mainly you have to solve puzzles in the game to advance further. The puzzles are quite easy and there are some mini-games around that are rather amusing! Who can resist controlling a remote controll car to collect items? Simply fun.

The game actually is fairly decent, but the bad voice acting, cheesy story and gameplay ruins it all. That didn't make much sense, did it? Overall the game is very childish, if you enjoy childish games, maybe you'll think more of the game than me. I do enjoy childish games, but this was to bad to be true.

I cannot understand how this game could get so many good ratings from magazines, 8 of 10 and such. I loathe those magazines for tricking me to buy this, I was so dissapointed. Well, from the screens I saw in those mags Alundra 2 didn't look too good, but I just had to try. Warning to all fans of the first Alundra: stay away from nubmer two.