Alundra 2 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Unlimited Elixirs

    When you get to the volcano, in the room before the underground lake, there is a chest with an elixir in it beside a switch. Take the elixir, and exit the room (does not matter which exit you choose). When you reenter the room, the chest will be closed with another elixir inside. You can do this unlimited times. Saves on buying elixirs for a high price.

    Contributed by: Ace Bandit 

  2. Unlimited Coins

    Go to the city of Torledo, and look for a house that says villagers house. Go inside and go upstairs. Go inside the room with the guy in it, inside if you go to the left you should see a pig. Break the pig to get three coins. Then go back downstairs and go back up again. If you go back the the room you should see the pig again and you could break it to get another three coins, repeat this to get unlimited money.

    Contributed by: Nivrae 

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