If you're willing to not take it too seriously it's pretty fun. Worth a rent!

User Rating: 7.5 | Alpha Protocol PS3
When you think of Sega you think of classic side scrolling action such as Sonic. You don't think 3rd person shooter, but that is what this is.

Alpha Protocol describes itself as THE Espionage RPG! However there are a few things I would dispute about this claim. When the game starts you have an option of the type of soldier you are so I chose field agent (thinking of the stealth option). As you creep around the base you get spotted IMMEDIATLEY. In my view the espionage stealth does not work. You have no radar to tell where guards are or if they can see you so you might as well just go crazy and get out your machine gun. When you figure out the zooming in on the rifle things do get a lot easier. Now onto the RPG aspect... again this is pointless. You have the usual aspects of levelling up, gaining points and using them to focus on certain aspects of your character but they don't make much difference. You can also customize the facial features of your character (we obviously choose the massive beard) but again there is not much choice and you can only do the face.

The story is pretty non-existent, you work as an agent for Alpha Protocol, a secret spy cliché organisation with a few quirky secondary characters who you can annoy by choosing the wrong buttons. Like most RPG games you have an interactive hacking/lock picking aspect to the game. This happens all the time! It gets so annoying having to hack and pick lock and circuit break every other minute.

By today's standards these graphics are pretty awful, they are just above PS2 standards, but at least the things look like they are supposed to so it's not a complete disaster. Also as we were playing there was a glitch when we tried to collect a 'Data Disk' so I'd imagine this game has many bugs.

If you are looking for an awesome stealth espionage game go for Metal Gear Solid, if you're looking for an awesome first person shooter go for Call of Duty. Even though I have pointed out the many flaws in this game, I actually thought it was pretty fun. It was nice to play a game that isn't just another first person shooter. If you can make peace with the fact it's not trying to be a realistic shooter or anything brilliant then you can have alot of fun on it. So if you'are able to not take it too seriously and you want a game thats a bit of fun i'd recommend renting this one.