Interesting concept. Too bad the game lacks some polishing.

User Rating: 7 | Alpha Protocol PC

This game can be fun if you don't mind too much the banal story. The story centers round agent Michael Throrton who must stop the launch of some nuclear missiles and does everything he can in order to do so. The RPG system is implemented throughout the game and you have to earn XP points in order to upgrade your gear, weapons and so on. The enemies look all the same and the boss fights can be interesting if there was not so much repetitive movements you must perform to bring down the boss. You have all sorts of political and military plots and your answer can influence the story. There are some moments when you must choose to save a personage or another. You can choose whatever you want. The NPCs can change their opinions on you according to your answers.

The game is not bad, but there are some flaws. At times is so easy and other times the bosses are too hard to be put down.