Great Scifi concept, but it fails to deliver entertainment.

User Rating: 5 | Alpha Prime PC
This is yet again a great pure Scifi concept, game where your spaceship is attacked and you try to rescue your spouse but all fails and you must run and jump into your escape pod. Then you find yourself landing on a desolate planet with a nearby wacko facility filled with... wacko's and some droids. Simply put great idea but it still seems to lack something.

Firstly whoever thought it would be a good idea to make a futuristic world where guns only carry minimal amounts of ammo is pointless in a game. This game seriously suffers from simply not enough firepower for a weapon. Even the shotgun feels underpowered. For instance no matter what it still takes 3 shotgun hits to the head to kill a normal human being (normal mode) and same or even 4 for droids. Considering the shotgun holds 7 shells (which is decent enough) but the lacking also of ammo deposits throughout the game limit the ability to even kill everyone in one wave without having to use your first weapon... A hammer. Needless to say that's why the cheats give you 100k ammo, what other game can you go through that much ammo, its just not going to work. Now with the assault rifle it uses all 28 shots in under 2seconds but it takes an entire clip to kill a droid alone. Since the amount of level per level is low, I can usually only kill 2 or 3 droids before I'm on to my other weapon (per wave is about 5 or 6 then the less then 10 bullets from a kill).

Now for a graphics standpoint they are pretty good and the game doesn't run sluggish at all maxed out, on a computer built a year before this game came out. Scenery is detailed, blood looks real, droids look like they are from star wars which is awesome. Humans look decently real, and overall it looks like the future. Voice acting isnt terrible nor is it the greatest but its acceptable even to my high standards ;).

Missions are a huge pain too. Their once again missing a map, and the only real thing that makes things easier running through places looking for something to activate is a remote control which allows you to hack certain panels, and even take control of a little robot to move box's around to climb up on. When its activated and near something use able, it shows a marker on your screen, which is close enough to a map if you want to say.

Though this is pretty good as a game storyline, I would not recommend this as a favorite, because just as it says, all flash and no substance.