If you ever wanted to see the Northern Lights, now is your chance..

User Rating: 8 | Alpha Polaris PC
Alpha Polaris is a point and click adventure game where you explore your world by clicking on hot spots in the game world.

Though not a long game by adventure game standards it entails a never been done topic at least in the adventure genre about a Artic research station in Northern Greenland where bad things being to happen when you stumble upon some ancient artifacts buried deep in the ice while drilling for oil. This game is in the sci-fi/horror category.

The story plot is the high point of the game as well. You play as a young Norwegian scientist who travels to Greenland to work for a corporation bent on finding oil reserves in the high Artic for profit and fame.

Simple enough until you find some crazied Polar Bear wandering outside the research station for no reason. From there it becomes clear there is something wrong with this polar bear after tranquilizing with a dart gun and capturing it.

There are parts of the game where I got kind of lost like finding the polar bear after it escapes the cage (spoiler!) with your tracking device by entering in latitude coordinates. I found the answer on the main forum but it could have been much easier since most people have never used such a device in their life.

The interface and inventory is nicely done and organized which is standard in most adventure titles these days. I did have one bug where I couldn't load a previous save game and started over but that was because I was using a demo save instead of the full game save.

The graphics are another strong point. Although the scenery is basically all white outside with little color variation the interior of the research station and special effects are top-notch like the aurora or Northern Lights at night that you can see through the stations window and outside later in the game.

The station has only has a few rooms and hallways to explore and you will trek through them repeatedly during your play through but there are some changes in outdoor scenes like the ice cavern.

Then we have the horror factor. I though the game nicely ramped up the tension as weird things start to happen. Though not really in the Amnesia scary category Alpha Polaris is scary enough to get the player interested if only in a curious way to find out what happens next.

Alpha Polaris is on the short side as well. Lasting only long enough to get involved in the charactors and sotry then ending between 5 - 8 hours but for a bargin bin $20 game its acceptable. I hope there is a sequel due to the games subject and quick ending.

Overall, if you like the aurora or Northern Lights and always wanted to see them I can't think of another game that gives you a chance in such a immersive way as Alpha Polaris. It's worth a try to see them here.