One game that revolutionized the series that opened the doors to the survival horror genre.

User Rating: 7.5 | Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare PS
Alone in the Dark 4, was a game somewhat mystical and fearful, and always keeps the gender intact. Although it was released in a year was common that the Resident Evil series, the series Alone in the dark, and had begun much earlier, 3do console in 1993, three years before the launch of the first Resident Evil.
The difference is that the first three games were purely for adventure, so what made Alone in the Dark 4, was added to the adventure, the familiar genre of survival horror. It can be considered to Alone in the dark as a mediation between Silent Hill and Resident Evil, although the latter remains the best in the series without a doubt.
The experience that this game offers is unique, fighting in the middle of an island unknown to all kinds of creatures - shadows, and good gameplay allowing the player because they do not have to save as many bullets as in other games. On the other hand, the sound effects are pretty scary, and the chamber ámgulos are quite favorable, although some will always default to not being able to see some enemies, and finish face to face.
I think this game opened the doors for a variety of survival horror mode and trying to provide a complete history and a good amount of action, keeping the player hooked without any problem.

This game means a lot to me because what child's play, and was one of the most appreciated games on my console (PS). Even today it remains a game worthy of admiration.