cool game

User Rating: 9.7 | Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare PS
it is a good game you can not stand still there are very much shadows and dogs and monster . it is a good story and good gameplay this game is better than 1,2,3 because the image and i think alone in the dark 5 is good too 2 maybe better than alone in the dark 4(i think it)but alone in the dark 4 is a good game for the price(4.99)it was sel let out i buy et the last one in one day they all sel let out.but now the game it is a adventure and shooting game it is a type of resident evil game but resident evil is more shooting and alone in the dark is more a adventure game and you are with 2 Edward Carnby en Aline.Carnby start with a handgun and Aline with nothing they are in a big Manson Carnby starts in the garden and Aline on the roof of the Manson.