Scared the pants off of me when i was little! I LOVE IT!

User Rating: 10 | Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare PS
This game is just plain amazing! I played this game for hours when it came out for PS1. I can't believe the creatures and monsters in the game. One minute you'll have zombie dogs after you another you'll have sea serpants after your ass! The monsters just come out of no where. you can find lots of hidden objects and treasures. There are a lot of different weapons you can obtain. The puzzles for me were easy... once i figured them out! I totally agree with some of the other reveiwers- A+++++....Deffinately. Graphics do not matter! Neither does the clunky camera movement- in fact that actually helps with the creepiness and suspensfulness of the game! I bought the Alone in The Dark for the PS2 that came out relativly within the last new years- I say epic fail. It made no sense. At least the story line for this Alone In The dark is solid AND keeps you on your toes. When I first got a Playstation 1 I got this game and oh my gosh! My heart raced. It was and still is amazing!

If you have never played this...I strongly advise you trying it out.