Impressive port of Alone in the Dark ANN

User Rating: 8 | Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare GBC

Alone in the Dark ANN for the PS1 was one of the most underrated survival horror games ever created. It's beautiful but can't stand to the original 1992 game as it was nothing more than a gritty reboot of the franchise.

Now we get an amazing Gameboy Color port which I lost and wish I could play again.


You play as Edward Carnby and only Edward Carnby. Elain Cedric's campaign has been cut do to technical limitations of GBC cartridges.

Edward is a no nonsense traumatized yet loveable agent who must investigate a mansion that has an ancient native American curse.

This is HP Lovecraft but without the overt racism. You must find Obed Morton.The story is mostly told through texts and slide show cutscenes.


The gameplay for Alone in the dark A new Nightmare on GBC is one of the most cinematic experiences as camera angles switch during gameplay and you interact with said environment, exploring, finding designated items, and solving countless puzzles with the rare occasions of meeting with NPCs.

Then there is combat. Oh boy, this. The combat relies on random encounters and turns into a isometric view which is NOT scary and disorienating and not in the traditional sense. Remember to conserve health and Ammo though.

Overall ATID is one of the most unique SH experiences and on the gameboy it sparks wonder.


Alone in the Dark a new Nightmare is one of the most unique impressive experiences on the Gameboy. The graphics are colorful palletwise, the sprite is tall well animated and scales. Camera angles provide a cinematic experience. Why can't there be more games like this?


There isn't much sound but the music generally sucks. Yet the lack of sound keeps the atmosphere nice.

ATID ANN is a fun game. I love it. It can be hard but still worth it.