User Rating: 6 | Alone in the Dark X360
After playing the first few level, I was excited about this game, as I kept playing, I tried to overlook the flaws and really wanted this game to work. By the third or fourth level, I just gave up.

It starts out awesome - a mix of a horror survivor and disaster movie as you make your way through a NY hotel/condo in what feels like an enduring earthquake. I was really pumped.

Then you go outside and have to drive a car through the earthquake ravaged streets of NY for multiple block - with no check point. I must have tried it 25 times - then just used the option of the "forward" to next level.

What bogged me down is the controls and weapons management. For example, to make a molitov cocktail you have to get a bottle of booze, combine it with a rag, then in the other hand make sure you are holding the lighter.

The only way to kill enemies is with fire - which can be fun, but can be more irritating when you are just trying to proceed. If you shoot them, they fall, then get back up. You can set things on fire, like chairs etc, - this is fun.

One cool feature is that at the start of each level there is a movie sequence recap, like "episodes" on a TV show. This refreshes your memory of what has happened so far. This would be a good feature to have in most games.

Good thing I got this for $5 new, because in the end I decided that there are better games to spend my time on. I may give it a try again some day.