If you want to have a good time, you need to be able to ignore all the flaws. That's a lot to ignore.

User Rating: 5 | Alone in the Dark PS3
An interesting plot with some interesting gameplay. "Interesting" doesn't necessarily mean good, at least not for the gameplay. When will people learn that attacking with the sticks just doesn't work?

Presenation: A story that's difficult to grasp at first but you'll begin to understand it later. Or you'll think you understand it and then it ends up changing your whole perspective.

Gameplay: You attack with the right stick and it works but you'll wish you weren't using it to attack. You have a small inventory system that works very well, and puzzles that are fun to solve.

Graphics: Your character will become scratched up and clothes will tear. The fire actually looks good which is difficult to master, graphically. The graphics overall, however, look like crap.

Sound: The soundtrack is the best thing about this game, and next to the story, the only good thing.

Lasting Appeal: Beat the game, you're done. Seriously. And what you'll want to do when you're done depends on who you are; you may want to play again, e-cycle, smash it, or lend it to a friend... or someone you want to see cry.