Alone in the Dark: Inferno received some enchantments that make it the version it was meant to be from the start

User Rating: 8 | Alone in the Dark PS3
I've been a fan of the series ever since I Played Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare way back on the Dreamcast, so I was also anxiously waiting for this game to finally hit the consoles. Sadly, when the game finally arrived on the XBOX/PC late June it wasn't well received so I had my doubts about getting it. Some of the biggest complaints came from poor camera controls, bad driving mechanics, a complicated inventory system and some very noticeable bugs and glitches. Eden Games (the developers of the game) took all this complaints to heart and use its remaining 5 months to fix the PS3 version as much as they could. After checking it out myself I'm glad to say that the Alone in the Dark: Inferno got some mayor improvements over the other versions.

To begin with; the camera was pulled farther back from the character and its can now be rotated to a full 360-degrees, a friendlier inventory system, a more forgiving difficulty, and most of the driving problems were fixed (at least now you wont be hitting invisible walls when driving on the road). These and a lot of other enchantments make Inferno the version it was meant to be from the start.

So now that most of the gameplay problems were fixed, you'll see that Inferno has some really unique features and ideas that make it stand out; Like instead of having a life bar like most game do these days, you'll measure your health by the visible wounds in the main characters body. The more time you let your wounds go untreated the slower and weaker you'll become, and if you get a deep cut you'll have to bandage yourself or else you'll bleed to death just like in real life. Another unique feature is the inventory system, instead of having a full arsenal of weapons you'll just be limited to a handgun and whatever you can find to make weapons, such as Molotov bombs or "fire bullets". There's a lot of combination's you can do in the inventory but only a few of them are really worth using.

There's also the unique ability to "blink" while in first person view mode, in some parts of the game you can only find key items when you close your eyes. You can also "steal" cars like the GTA games, but unlike GTA you have to do everything manually; that means breaking the window, getting in the car, having to hot wire it by connecting cables under the steering wheel and pressing the accelerator to start the damn thing, all the while demons pull you out of the car to attack you. Needles to say that there's a lot of control commands to learn, but its all satisfyingly explained in the beginning with on-screen tips. I also specially liked that the game was divided into episodes like a TV series, like when you load your previous saved it'll start with a recap cutscene of the last episode, it even has the classic TV phrase "previously on Alone in the Dark..." like a real TV series would.

So in short; Alone in the Dark: Inferno successfully combines gun combat, Prince of Persia style plataforming, great music, varied driving sequences, and some really brilliant puzzles that make it easily recommendable to any PS3 gamer out there.