User Rating: 4.5 | Alone in the Dark X360
Alone in the dark is practically impossible because you have to solve very hard puzzle and the only way to kill a evil zombie human is to throw it into fire, which is almost impossible causes sometimes you have to make the fire and then beat up the monster before the fire burns out. And some of the other enemies are just really annoying like zombie rats that are impossible to shoot because their so small and fast and their are also zombie bats to which swarm did bodies or your car. You get a gun but it runs out of ammo after about two clips. After that you have to be creative like making a molotov out of a alcohol can and a whip or a spray lighter made out of a spray can and lighter. But the driving parts are the hardest you have to drive fast enough to beat a evil monster that chases you underground and be expected to turn in time and not to hit any other cars. The only good thing is that you can skip any level when you want to cause it`s setup like a movie. Overall if your a fan of challenges this is the game for you.