Great graphics and scary monster thought the story drops the whole thing but still its a good game to play.

User Rating: 7 | Alone in the Dark PS3
Alot of people that were fans of the movie may notice the games not going by the movie at all,you play as edward carnby some may now from back in the day but returns to a recraetion of new york city central park to find out a dark constpiracy,now the story is just lame and just doesnt make since for new comers even throught people that have played the game it just doesnt make since its all better to just go around put zombies on fire and everything in the middle its a great action shooter with some fails as you can alreadytell the combat is like too human and is very terrible the camara angle sucks and dieing from miner puzzles that make the game is just stupid,but there is good news to be had the game has outstanding graphices the best iev seen so far gore and fire has never looked so good and makeing the game look like a tevelvions series is a great touch all in all its not for people that like to use a joy stick for weapondary combat and also haveing to deal with useless puzzles that just doesnt seem like a big deal in the game,now i dont have a problem with it i dont it has a silent hil scare and its very scary but the story and combat drops the attention in this game,i would play the demo first before going to rent or buy.