What a show!

User Rating: 8 | Alone in the Dark (2008) PC
I don't know what to say. All the bad reviews about this game are so unfair. OK, it is a little hard to control the character in 3rd angle view and, OK, game has some bugs (not too much), but come on.

Graphics are outstanding, musics are very good, characters are believable, environments are so cool, new episodic system is very interesting, also fun, healing system, inventory system, etc. are all new and fun to play...

Most reviews are grumbling about controls and fighting system (especially that you need to set all enemies on fire to kill them). OK, control system is not the best control system ever, or even a good one, but it didn't effect my gameplay. Controls are pretty enough to play this game (but of course I would appreciate a improvement patch). About setting enemies on fire, come on, it not that hard. Wash the bullets with some alcohol or some kind of gasoline, and with two or three bullets they are all dead, and there are easier ways too. Just needs a little thinking.

We all know Silent Hill has bad controls, but also it is the most atmospheric and most beautiful horror games of all time, and my favorite game. AitD is not better than SH but certainly close to it.

To tell the truth, I thought twice before buying this game. Because i was waiting for it nearly for a year, but after it is released, reviews were just horrible. I thought that it could be really bad, and maybe i shouldn't buy it. But those screenshots, theme songs, and gameplay videos were too good, and i thought, come on, it can't that bad. You know what? IT WAS NOT A BAD GAME!

I just finished episode 3 (there are eight of them), and I just want to play more. It is like a solid TV show, but it is a show that you are the star!

In the end, you got my point. I am not a Call of Duty fun, or "gotta shoot, gotta kill" kind of guy. I seek a deep atmosphere in games, and I like think about what am I doing, or why am I doing it, and AitD is one of my favorite games now.

Thanks for reading...

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