Skip this one.

User Rating: 4 | Alone in the Dark X360
I'm going to keep this brief because even thinking about this game gives me a headache.

The storyline was engaging. You are a man who's lost his memory. All hell has broken lose in New York and an ancient evil is taking over the world. Ok, cool. Go save the day or whatever. The graphics were good and the physics of the game brought about interesting ways to dispatch enemies. It also brought about an interesting inventory system that allowed you to combine items you've found in the game to make new weaponry and items. Fire and light are your two best friends in this game.

All of this could have been brought together to make something epic, however, this game falls miles short. The camera is terrible. For half the time you'll be continually adjusting the wonky camera views. The game play is completely clunky. The inventory systems sucks and takes forever to combine and use items. The collision detection is terrible and the other half of the time you'll spend swinging at the air as the enemy stands in front of you unharmed. The several platforming parts of the game absolutely suck too. Half the time you'll miss the jump and fall to your death due to your characters underdeveloped, feeble little legs.

Avoid this title.