Alone in the Dark is not that bad of a Survival Horror. Neither is it that Good.

User Rating: 7 | Alone in the Dark X360
Alone in the Dark starts off with New York City under attack by the undead / demons. Your job, is to save new york city and become the hero. The story is really good actually with a few cheesy lines. Although I really don't know why the game is called Alone in the Dark when your really not Alone. The graphics are insane probably one of the best. Environments look spectacular, enemies look real, allies look real..Sound effects are supreme..they dominate..There is no online play which I find kind of weird considering it could have. Single-player story will take a long time to beat considering it is insanely difficult (even on the easiest setting). The demo (which is no longer on XBM) contains 3 missions. If you want to play the demo, you will have to buy the correct OXM disc. Overall, Alone in the Dark is Good but with Flaws and Glitches the game could have been a lot Better.