High octane fun in a world going to hell, this game makes weapons out of junk and lights creatures up for all to see

User Rating: 8.5 | Alone in the Dark X360
Alone in the dark - Review

After experiencing the bone chilling predecessors' to this game i could see a huge obstacle being set for the future of the series , how to incorporate a story seemingly simple in content and put it into the context of modern games well this latest addition to the series i believe has done exactly that, it has continued the survival horror genre and has not backed down from the simplicity of the previous game's, keeping small details that echo's its past while also including new features that break its previous mould for example the previous games seemed limited to the surroundings of a particular place where as this game offers more freedom of movement while not detracting from the content or story line.

Another enjoyable feature for fans of the previous game's is the fact that the protagonist "Edward Carnby" is once again the focus, without divulging how he makes an appearance in this game, we can see that this evil fighting character will have fun in world seemingly crumbling beneath his feet and to survive he must use anything and every thing to hand, thus revealing another brilliant feature of the game the way the game allows the creation of weapons from what appears to be useless junk making an ordinary bottle of wine into a blazing, creature burning machine.

Yes amongst these undeniably incredible features that set this game from the rest is the unfortunate and unmissable technical issues included in this game for example, the utilisation of melee weapons on the xbox 360 in this version the use of them seems lazy and inaccurate this is one fatal flaw in the game but is ultimately not that dire for fans of the series or of the genre as these games seem few and far between.

So in conclusion i say that this game not only deserves to be played but it also deserves credit for reviving a dyeing genre, this game is enjoyable for those new to the series and for those more experienced, i hope those of you who play this game enjoy its hidden potential.

By Oclane