It's like looking at a gorgeous woman you can never have.

User Rating: 3.5 | Alone in the Dark (2008) PC
Let me first start out by saying that this game is beautifully designed. It is so beautiful in fact that I would say it's on par with Bioshock as far as it's visual delivery. It's simply fantastic.

There are three major flaws with this game that make it absolutely unrelentingly painful to play.

The first is it's loading issues. I have read a ton about how this game simply will not load. Some users have to switch their audio settings to Stereo instead of 5.1 surround. I myself didn't have that problem. All I had to do was SET ALONE.EXE AS MY COMPUTER'S HIGHEST PRIORITY FOR IT TO FUNCTION. What?!?! I had to set this game's priority ABOVE my computer's own temperature management function to f*cking operate it.

So you install the game and it simply will not load. It just sits there with a black screen and a spiraling icon for 45 minutes. Dont wait longer than 30 seconds. It will not load.

Second major issue. The controls.
The character movement controls in this game are the worst I have ever seen in my life. My fingers ACHE after only fifteen minutes of playing it. The character moves so slowly that it makes you want to die. So you have to hold down left Shift while doing anything, which contorts your hand into a sickening, disfigured shape that hurts when applied for more than a few seconds. Don't worry too much about running though, you have nowhere to go. Most of this game is just sitting in tiny little rooms trying your best to jump over things, but of course, failing miserably.

This game tries to be Resident Evil with it's FIXED CAMERA ANGLES that only move on a game-decided queue. Too bad they didn't steal RE's control system, otherwise this may have been at least tolerable. You have the option to play as first-person perspective, which of course is useless because you cannot use half of the character's functions while in it. Oh, I should add that you cannot use the other half while in 3rd person perspective.

The top issue I have with video games are the control issues. You have 1,000 people working on a video game for two years. How did EVERY ONE OF THEM miss how terrible these controls are? I would be absolutely humiliated if my company produced this barf bag of a game.

The first monster encounter leads to my third biggest complaint.
You have to set enemies on fire to vanquish them permanently.
Wow, that really sucks for two reasons: While being attacked, I have to go LOOK for fire. And since they ONLY die with fire, every weapon you ever pick up in the game is rendered USELESS.

I laughed the entire time that I was fighting the very first enemy, which you encounter about ten minutes into the game. It is nearly impossible to attack them at all. Your dreadful character is pathetically wandering around (due to the terrible control system) looking for something to beat her with. And when you do beat her, now you have to drop whatever it is you were beating her with (if it hasnt broken already. Everything breaks, so you have to go looking for four different weapons just to disable an enemy.) THEN you have to go look for fire to kill her.

This game is wretched. I cannot imagine encountering two enemies at once. It is sickening to think "this is how I have to play to beat the game."

Since I am not allowed a refund for games that are almost technically nonfunctional, I will be defecating into the box and shipping it back to Atari.

People always think I'm joking when I say that.