Definitely for fans of the genre.

User Rating: 7 | Alone in the Dark PS3
While Alone in the Dark is a great cinematic game that engrosses the player in an immersive world of evil and nightmares. The problem is that the PS3 version doesn't do much to make up for it's originally terrible control scheme. The PS3's Inferno version does have some control updates like a Z-targeting combat mechanic, and now passengers in the car give you hints on where to go when driving missions occur, but they are not enough to make this game amazing.

The narrative and story telling is good, and if you weather the games many faults you will find an decent story beneath it all. However, where the game shines the most is in the combination mechanics. Being able to tape a home-made molotov cocktail onto an enemy and ignite it is amazing. That is only one example of the mischief this game provides.

Several issues still clog up gameplay, like the need to be in 1st person view mode to be able to use the special sight abilities. This is a serious problem bcause some bosses require you to use that ability to exploit their weaknesses.

I don't want to sound like there is only bad things to offer here because there are great things to be had from Alone in the Dark Inferno. The problem is that they're generally hampered by the control and camera issues. If you're a fan of the series or the genre try it out, if not leave the frustration behind you.