All the ideas are there but the technical glitches are of the worst i've seen in a while.

User Rating: 6 | Alone in the Dark X360
Alone in the dark is a stylish action, horror game with a great story and a very good first hour of playing but after that, everything just goes flat on it's face.

Good Points-- It looks quite good and is very action-packed at the start. There is an interesting story and is scary at some parts.

Bad Points-- Going into your inventory is a nightmare as the game carries on playing so you have to be quick unless you want to be killed by a monster. And this is almost impossible due to the extremely clumsy controls. The game is packed with that many glitches that its almost impossible to play. This is very frustrating as the game has all the ideas but the ideas are just covered over by the glitches. The part in the game where you have to burn the roots in Central Park to gain special energy is so boring, I had to stop playing it for a while. And having to burn the monsters after you've killed them is just really annoying. And one more thing, this game has more swears in it than a Marilyn Manson cd.

Aim of the game-- Survive mostly, but also to try and get your memory back and also to get to the museum where the crazy old guy told you to go.

Story-- You are a man with amnesia and does not have a clue what is happening. He later finds out that he was a paranormal investigator about 70 years ago which is odd as he looks about 30. You are told to go to the museum and to go to a certain room which is supposedly going to tell you all of the answers. After that, the game goes a bit crazy, kind of like Silent Hill but not as compelling.

Overall, I would recommend a rent but there is no way I would recommend anyone buy this due to the mountains of technical faults.

Image-- 7
Sound-- 6
Story-- 8
Overall-- 6