Alone in the Dark Review

User Rating: 9 | Alone in the Dark X360
Alone in the Dark, a game i have been looking forward to for over a year has finally arrived. Just yesterday i was reading reviews for this game, it has been getting mainly average scores. I don't agree with any of these reviews.Yes it has flaws like any other game but none of them are game breaking and can easily be overlooked if you foucs on the positives. I will start with the graphics. The graphics are great and all but don't buy this game excpecting them to be the best looking you have ever seen on your Xbox. The main problem here is the characters look a bit last gen and have a 'plastic sheen' covering them and only have a moderate amount of detail in their faces. The thing is though the characters tend to look great in-game, but in cutscenes the detaill goes way down. You would think it would be the other way around. The enviroments in the game however, look spectacular, everything is highly textured and still manages to look good up close. Effects in the game are also very good, especially the fire which is used as a actual gameplay mechanic, not only does the fire look amazing but acts in a realistic fashion, if the fire touches an object, that particular object will go up in flames and can be used to kill the various enemies found throughout the game. Fire also plays a part in puzzles, sometimes requring you to burn down something in your path. Gameplay is overall very solid. Like i said earlier, using fire to kill your enemies and solve puzzles in a good touch. The gameplay never gets boring as the game is constantly funneling you along into the next amazing set piece with some action along the way. The gameplay is also very varied, with on foot sections, driving sections, puzzle solving and fetch quests.
Most of these are fine but the on foot sections works the best and thankfully, this is what you will be spending most of your time doing. The driving in the game is fine and is used to great effect in some set-pieces. Some reviews complain about the car handling but i did not see a problem with it. Puzzle sloving is very clever and rarley gets tiresome, maybe becuase puzzles are solved in a much more innovative way than in other games. The game falls flat on it's face with the fetch quests, especially the big one near the end of the game. I won't say any more but brace yourself for a long, dissapointing, mind-numbing quest.

The controls for the game are complex but easy to use after you have taken the time to learn them, after twenty minutes i had no trouble remembering what buttons to press. I know other reviews complain about the controls being clunky and this is true to a certain degree but it is in no way game breaking like some other reviews would have you believe.

The music is very good in the game and is used to great effect in set-pieces, it's just unfortunate the music is not really used elsewhere. Sounds effects in the game are nothing special as far as i could tell. The acting in the game ranges form average to laughable. The script is bland with no real imagination, with actors poorly delivering lines. The gameplay and graphics more than make up for this though. There are other very small minor problems like occasional collision detection errors.

In conclusion, i would say that Alone in the Dark is a very well put together game that every gamer should have in their collection. If you can overlook the problems with this game and see all the things that are great about it, then you should have no trouble enjoying this title.