Flawed "Masterpiece"

User Rating: 8 | Alone in the Dark X360
Whats he on about you might say ?

Flawed and Masterpiece in the same sentence, well let me explain...

After many months of waiting for this game, I hurried back home with my collectors edition, even forgetting to do certain pay day chores...

Popped the disc in my 360 and waited with anticipation.

After a pretty good intro and a "silent hill 4 - the room" - esque start, you finally appear in 3rd person view and continue the game.

Without giving to much away, There is a section pretty close to the start which is incredibly frustrating, until you figure it out, "it was oh ffs thats what you have to do", after dying 20 times, not alot of help or clues were available.

Graphics and general presentation are pretty good, textures are sharp and everything looks pretty dark and scary, fire effects are pretty and realistic.

Now here comes some flaws, the camera, deja vu ninja gaiden ?
Thought i`d got away from dodgy cameras but no, here we go again, switching to 1st person does solve the problem, but i dont see why you should have to, ive always preffered the "character" on screen i.e. resi evil, silent hill 1-3 etc.

The controls as well, take a little while to get used to, some times your pressing a button, "A" for example and it doesnt do what you want, so you press it again, grrr. come on ffs pick the damn "whatever" up or do the action etc.

Thankfully the checkpoints are pretty close together, the game auto saves as well.

Combat is fairly similar to games like silent hill rather then resident evil, the "swinging" does take a little getting use to.

Does this guy like this game you may ask ? - Yes I do, despitre the quirks I`m really enjoying it, I get stuck now and then but there is something about it, some charm that AITD has that just wont let go of me...

I must mention the sound, the music in particular is really stunning and dramatic, especially during the "set pieces", I wont say what set pieces, you will know when they happen :)

Voice acting is ok, no well known actors afaik but it doesnt really matter does it.

On another note, the game may be over quite quickly, unless you get really stuck or frustrated, i`m nearly at the end of chapter 3, 8 chapters in all, each chapter I would say is do-able in about an hour or less.

Ive read some other reviews that say the last bit is tedious but I cant comment there, only about half way through, I may come back and add some final words when Ive finished the game.

Should you buy the game or not ? - Well not an easy answer, some people will love this game, some will hate it (lots of moaners on forums - no names gamefaqs)

If your a big horror adventure nut and cant wait for resident evil 5 or silent hill, then definitely give this game a whirl, at least rent it if your not sure about buying... This game though has so much potential to be, and dare I say it....a resi evil and silent hill beater, but there is just far to many flaws and glitches, its a game you badly want to love but cant, if that makes any sense...

So to sum up, AITD is flawed masterpiece and a potential 10 / 10 but on this occasion I`m giving it a respectable 8 out of 10. Thanks for reading.

P.s. (apologies for spelling mistakes and any bad grammar - it is nearly 2am as I type this ) :)