Would have been amazing...

User Rating: 7.5 | Alone in the Dark X360
Alone in the dark is a great game lush graphics good sound and some brilliant gameplay features implimented. But what good is all this when the controls and camera are broken? Thats right 2 of the most important things about a great game and both of them are total arse. Which is a damn shame because this game could have made it to the 9/10 title. You walk around place to place doing objectives etc just your normal action game but then they make it super fresh by making nearly all the objects in the room not only interactive but you can mess around with them to make other such items. For example a Healing spray can be used to heal wounds but can also be used with a lighter to make a blow torch. Items to be used to break down locked doors, and many many other things which have never been really seen in a game before which is brilliant!. But then we end up back to what i was talking about at the start. The controls. Going into your inventory is a mission in itself, it sends you to your coat and you have to use the analoge stick to pick which item you want. Problem is it takes ages to get to the item you bloody want! then theres the camera which doesnt know if its coming or going. One minute its a fixed over the shoulder camrea then its a cinematic corner room camera which messes up your movement. Then when you want to use your gun you cant have over the shoulder aiming, it ends up taking you to first person which is a pain when your in a rush in combat. Its like the game was intended to be an FPS but somehow it works better in 3rd person.

Graphics: Amazing a couple of glitches here and there but apart from that great eye candy.

Sound: Good soundtrack and FX good voice acting but dialogue is patchy at times.

Gameplay: Stuff thats never been done before added to a pretty solid action game.

**** box: Awful camera, controls are patchy, Whats the deal with the chapter skipping thing?

Overall: Could have been a total belta, but as it is with poor controls and camera it ends up lagging behind. Thats not to say this game isnt great because it is and is worth a go. But if they had just worked on them issues it could have been awesome stuff.