Complete and utter garbage

User Rating: 4 | Alone in the Dark X360
This game is one of the most annoying games i have ever played and i have played a lot of games in my time. This game has most likely the worst controls i have ever seen in a video game. the shooting mechanics are broken and way harder to do then it should be. the one thing i am glad about is that i only spent 6 dollars on this game. i got about half way through the game and i just could not play it anymore. when the controls are so bad that they kill you it makes me want to break the disc in half. if you have completed this game this kudos to you. i dont even know how i made it through half. the only way to kill the enemies is with fire so there is almost no point to even have a gun. the inventory system is just broken and could have been a lot better. the healing aspect of this game is even worse. while you are healing yourself your are vulnerable to attack and the clumsy controls already makes it hard enough to do. the driving parts of this game do not even make since. i guess there is no friction in this world. the car slides all over the place no matter where you are. you could barely move the left stick and you could spin out. This game easily is in my top 5 of worst games i have ever played (2nd to rouge warrior)and it will most likely stay there.