Most detailed free MMO to date!

User Rating: 9.5 | Allods Online PC
This game is one of the only free mmo games that I've played that actually satisfied my craving for levelling up. If you enjoy levelling up in games and like that satisfied feeling you get once you've levelled, this game is for you. There are so many quests that actually make sense.

Every quest in the game is connected to the storyline in one way or another. Before I go into details, I think you should know that there are two sides, so even if you reach maximum level, you can play the good side or the bad side and go through a COMPLETELY different storyline. For the bad side (don't worry there's no spoilers) you play as a soldier who awakens from a ship that comes under fire and you must make your way out of the ship and take out the leader of another ship. You discover new technology aboard the enemy ship and you retrieve it, advancing the Empire's technology by years.

For the good side, the story is you are a citizen who lives on a small allod (an allod is a piece of land) and you attend a meeting with a friend (the timeline is during your bad side character is being attacked on a ship). The speaker, a powerful mage, is killed by some unknown force and you are forced to fight your way off the allod. While you escape, a scientist tells you of a great discovery that she had found out and that's why the allod is collapsing. She discovered some mysterious rock that teleports you around (the good side doesn't know anything of the discovery of the technology that the Empire found) and you get off the allod with the scientist.

Now, storyline-wise it's great for a free MMO. The extra features are what drove me to play the game, though. You control a space ship which you can use to control pieces of land, pirate and steal from other players, or just transport yourself. The ships move in real time and can hold a guild-full of players. There is only one design for the ships, but I believe they are planning to give Cash Shop users the ability to custimize their ships.

There is a LOT more to be said about Allods Online, but we have to keep our eye out for this title because it's still pretty new. Go ahead, try the game! It won't hurt to try a FREE game, could it?