this free multiplayer is ok

User Rating: 6 | Alliance of Valiant Arms PC
when i finally got this downloaded and patched which took ages i dont know why it did ,anyways theres lots of game types demolition and also a zombie mode called infected which the best game type if you get touched your turned to the undead ,now the issues i had with this game was the lag and also the enviroment was a bit bland and not vert detailed the characters look good though ,well for a free multiplayer game it is fun ,but not long lasting there are better ones out there but the infected mode was fun ,also i could only get into russian game rooms i couldnt find any local rooms but anyways its ok .but there are better ones out there,but this seems to be the only multiplayer shooter out there with a zombie mode in it so if you love shooting zombies or becoming one then this is for you ,also when your a zombie you have a these weird razor fingers that remind me of freddy kruegar lol