Ok Boys. Lets do our stuff...

User Rating: 9.4 | Allegiance PC
I downloaded this game a while ago and I still love it! This game is amazing. It counts on a lot of team worrk. What really is amazing is that you can be a commander and command around 5-50 people! Here's my review.

GAMEPLAY- The gameplay is great. Its an amazing game because of the way it is layed out. It's simple also. You load your ship with weapons. You go out. You blow the braind out of everything and everyone! Very fun.

9 out of 10

GRAPHICS- The graphics re amazing! These are some of the best computing gaming I have ever seen! I was so amazed by the graphics!

10 out of 10

SOUND- Good sound effects, but little music. I like when you switch on auto pilot though because that computer (female) voice comes up and says "Auto Pilot Engaged".

7 out of 10

LEARNING CURVE- This game is just right to learn. Just try it! There is basicly a 30 minute learning curve. The tutorials are good. But you should read all og the info in the help menu.

0-30 Minutes