This old game is getting a revival, and its well deserved.

User Rating: 9.1 | Allegiance PC
This is no an old game no doubt about it, and old games despite good qualities usually dont hold water for most player after 7 years, but i would argue this one does,, big time!.

I started this game way back in beta stages and stayed with it until it was dying. It was one of the first true online only games, and a good one at that, it has loads of gameplay qualities that are blatantly missing from many of todays titles.

So whats all the brewhahaha about this dead old forgotten title then?, well this is not some old fart remembering how much better things where,, this game is alive again, for free!. A while back MS made the source for the game public and a handfull of brave souls set about releasing the game, for free and has the ambition of further development.

I recon this is the best free game out there today. Sure it might be a little hard to get into and the graphics are clunky, but the game is revarding on so many levels that you wont regret investing some time into it and make due with the graphics. Check it out its a small download and you will be off in no time.