What is going on? Why is Madden still Number One?

User Rating: 8.5 | All-Pro Football 2K8 PS3
I will tell you why. Madden is what Everyone plays, little sheepeople follow the butcher to the Slater house, and thus they come out smelling like the same old crappie meat. Madden is the same game is it was back in 2000,2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and now 2008. Madden was great when it came out in 2000-2002. After that there was no point in buying the same game, over and over again. My brother and I always have a score fest in Madden because Defense is lacking in Madden. My players never react to what’s going on. The Madden Radio feature SUCKS, and annoys the hell out of me. The only reason why everyone likes Madden is because 99% of the people have only played Madden and has tried nothing new, and they never will. I feel sorry for them, because now the Madden Killer has come, and they will never play it, and continue to sing the praises of a game that is the same as it was in 2003. As for the people that has played Madden than played this game, they only hate it because their friends will never play it. Thus they still have to play Madden, so they don't give APF a fair run. They Rent it, and ditch it. Now to the game.

The graphics could be better, I will agree with that. However, on Madden the players look stiff, and don't move well at all. APF has great motion animations, and they don't look like they have a Stick up there Ass while running. Madden loses to APF on Player Animation. The Graphics for both games are the same, with Madden slightly winning.

APF plays well all together with some problems. I do find that not being able to set a person to watch the QB rather annoying. Because if you do the right play the QB can run all over you regardless of being slow as hell. Madden does have a QB spy, however, I still find the same problem. This can be fixed however, by controlling your own person, and watching the QB if you know the person your playing against tries to run allot with the QB. This works well for Both games. The Defense suffers greatly in Madden, ALWAYS allowing the BIG throw to be thrown against you. I have done so many D-fence's to try and stop it this in Madden, but never works. APF allows me to put a free Defender on a receiver that I feel my opponent is going too. Thus cuts the scoring in half, and allows for a more realistic Football game. So with game play APF RULES!!!

Everything about APF beats Madden, Game Play, and The commentary even thou some old things are rehashed. It still does not bother me as much as the Radio in Madden. If you’re a Madden fan, give APF a REAL try, and watch your ways change.