All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua Cheats For Saturn

  1. Reversal Mark during Featuring Mode

    Select Featuring mode while holding down the L button, R button, and right on the D-pad.

    Contributed by: ndosaturn 

  2. Use Hiroshi Hase in Versus Mode

    When you play in Featuring Mode and you win the chance to participate in the Champion Carnival or Heroes Carnival, you will eventually face Hiroshi Hase. Beat him and he will become available in Versus Mode.

    Contributed by: ndosaturn 

  3. Play as Hyper 2

    Fight 1P mode with character that cleared 1P mode and fight against Hyper 2 . After defeating Hyper 2, select Baba while holding R button in versus mode.

    Contributed by: ndosaturn 

  4. Sound Test

    Hold L + R buttons on controller two and select single player mode with controller one. Controller two may now be used to start various sounds during game play.

    Contributed by: ndosaturn 

  5. Newspaper Mode

    When the wrestler he / she creates in the featuring mode retires, "SHINBUN" is added to the title.

    When the wrestler created in the Featuring Mode retires, "SHINBUN" is added to the title. "Shinbun" (Newspaper) mode

    Contributed by: ndosaturn 

  6. Hidden Character: Bomber

    Enter the following password in versus mode to access Bomber: ************ ************

    ************************ Bomber Character in Versus Mode

    Contributed by: ndosaturn 

  7. CPU vs. CPU Code

    Effect Effect
    Hold L + R on controller one and select Vs. mode CPU vs. CPU

    Contributed by: Justoid27 

  8. Play as Hyper

    Hidden character "Hyper" in the 1P mode. He is basically a really fast Giant Baba with most if not all the moves from all the characters in the game. To get to him, play on Hard difficulty, and get a full 200 points for the first two matches, then Hyper should show up. Defeat Hyper in 1P Mode. Press L button while selecting Baba in Versus Mode.

    Defeat Hyper in 1P Mode. Press L button while selecting Baba in Versus Mode. Hyper

    Contributed by: ndosaturn 

  9. Additional Special Move in Featuring Mode

    A special move (valued at 1810 points) will become available if you compete the following two tasks during Featuring Mode: 1) Win the Heroes Carnival Tournament in your 1st year 2) Win the championship and defend it 20 consecutive times. Note: Matches held as part of the various tournaments (Champion and Heroes) during the "year"are not considered title defenses. I believe a player will have 6 title defenses during each year of the game. Consecutive title defenses can be monitored via the games vital screen (bottom right/middle) and in the newspaper splash screens between matches.

    Win Heroes Carnival Tournament in 1st year, win title and defend it 20 consecutive times. New Move worth 1810 points available in Featuring Mode

    Contributed by: ndosaturn 

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