a excellent achievement for the PSP

User Rating: 8.5 | Aliens vs Predator: Requiem PSP
AVPR is well a game a rare game no doubt. (not many let you play as a man killing alien) anyway this game even though it says movie tie in i really do not even think is has mutch to do with it ( we will see in the movie this December) but is destroys that saying that Movie games SUCK . In the game you play a lone Predator comming to mop up Aliens after they come and start breeding.
Gameplay-9 it takes time to get used to how many hits the Aliens can take but after its damn fun killing em
Graphics-8 not the beat for the PSP but hey the Aliens and Predator look great and the Humans are a little worse for ware.
sound-10 they got the vision change sound and Predator sounds and Alien sounds down greatly
value-9 the singalplayer will take you about 6 hours if you play in short bursts about 3 hours if you go through quick but thats just from Begining to end other Missions open up as you complete new ones and it would take about 12 hours for burst player and 6 for non stoppers.But then theres Multiplayer and its only Local but its fun going through Missions with a friend and doing Skirmish mode. (survial basically also on singal player)
overall- 8.5 AVPR is great fun but sence its kinda short and graphics arent as flushed out as they should its basically taking AVP2 put in 3rd person and playing predator Only.