User Rating: 10 | Aliens Versus Predator PC
First I must say that I am a great fan of "Alien" films (maybe excluding Alien Resurrection) and quite a big fan of Predator. I played this game for the first time in 2001 and even a few years after the release it just smashed me to the ground. There was never such a game before and after AVP.

Some say that it is not good because the game is too hard to complete. Yes it is very, very hard even on the lowest difficulty level, but it's all matter of motivation:) After couple dozens hours of playing the game becomes a little bit easier but it's never easy for the level of fear and adrenaline while playing makes it even harder. It is genuinely one of the most terrifying game I've ever played.

And now a few words about technical stuff. The graphics is great, not today anymore but it was then. Sound technically is also very good but the most important thing about sound is that it creates atmosphere of horror and fits really perfect to the game based on the Alien saga. For example all sounds of guns are the same in the movie and in the game.

So, in my opinion the game is perfect, and should be played by every Alien and Predator maniac!