AvP is fantastic first person shooter with incredible atmosphere. You will be afraid.

User Rating: 9.5 | Aliens Versus Predator PC
Aliens Versus Predator is first person shooter with incredibly (horror) atmosphere. It is fantastic, that you can play for marine, predator and alien. Every of these characters need a different play and strategy. This game is very hard to play, every character has only 5 basic missions (levels), but finish them, you must have lot of time. And it hold generally for all characters. Graphic is very good, I think one of the best ever and atmosphere is fascinating. You will be frighten very much. Multi-player is elaborate and it is not too easy. End mission is the hardest and final bosses are unforgettable. After ending you have there next five bonus missions for each character.
The game Aliens Versus Predator is one the best first person shooters I have ever played. It is not funny, it is scary fast game, with different characters, good graphics and sound effects and it is not easy...I like it. B)