A brilliant game at the time that still hold up today if you can get it to work.

User Rating: 9.6 | Aliens Versus Predator PC
Ahhh, good old Alien vs. Predator! Back before the attrocity commited by Paul W.S. Anderson, Aliens and Predator and Colonial marines alike flourished in a very well respected franchise that included toys, comics, novels, and a few good and not so good video and arcade games. This particular PC game is what I, an avid and no doubt biased fan, would probably label the highlight of the franchise. I have played AVP2, but I believe this one to be the superior of the two. What you'll notice right off the bat is the games atmosphere flows right from the opening credits with a musical score and directorial style truly worthy of the movies that made this what it is. Create a profile, then jump into a game under one of three campaigns- Alien, Predator and Marine. So lets see what we have: Alien: You're a quick bugger! Run all over the ceilings, walls, and chomp off the heads of your enemies to spread your seed and conquer the galaxy! Predator: Its time to gain some extraterrestrial respect! Fly around the planets mentioned in the game hunting marines and aliens alike, until you reach the ultimate trophy. Marines: You're a lone marine, and you have to escape, as you do the company hires you to carry out some missions, watch out for the end though, you can't let the ship go down! So the stories start out pretty simple. But thats ok! So did Half-Life, and in actuality this game flows the same way in terms of story telling. In an almost comical yet effective presentation, the player will recieve instructions on what to do hidden in messages sent over vid screens. The messages are live action British guys in Marine duds, barking orders at you and explaining whats going on at the current time in the current place. They'll speak right to the marine, but the Alien and Predator will watch them sometimes as well, dropping clues as to where you should go for your next set of prey. Its actually pretty motivational, sometimes comical, and truly sets the stage for a plethora of interesting situations. The levels are actually varied and are direct descendents of the movies- featuring well detailed levels with architecture that just screams Cameron and Scott. Not much of it is very interactive, save for the lighting which is a remarkable aspect of the game. This game starts out very dark, and you can make it even darker, breaking lights all throughout the levels. These aren't splinter cell effects, but the AI is good enough to realize when the lights have gone out and, just like characters in the movie, they start to panic! (This feature applies solely to the Alien and Predator campaigns; as a human you never see another human). One of the most key aspects to a succesful game is atmosphere, and AVP hits home on every level, in every situation, and with every enemy. Music is optional and sometimes its better without playing the audio CD (which you get to keep, I put it in my CD player occasionaly) with lifted audio scores from the movie Aliens. The graphics were good at the time, ranging in the Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament spectrum, and are still just as effective today. I'm not a graphics wiz, but when I know something works, I consider it a job well done. Both the visuals and the audio combine to make an unsettling, tension filled, and adrenaline pumping ride that has an amazingly brisk pace that keeps you lost in a terrifying world of corridors and vent shafts. An alien could jump out at you at ANY TIME! A marine could be waiting around the corner with a minigun! Or...was that a predator that just walked by? Shimmering in its invisibility cloak? Hmmm... This is one of the scariest games you will ever play. The weapons are awesome! Taken right from the movies and then some, the Marines and Predators each come with a seperate set of armaments. The marine must find his guns throughout the game, including Pulse Rifle, pistols, flamethrowers, smart guns and rocket launcers. The Predator dons his wristblades, which function as potent marine killing tools and trophy taking skewers, cutting disc, plasma caster (shoulder cannon), and Plasma Gun, a weapon not seen in the movie universe, which launches balls of electic plasma that dish out huge damage and drop at an arch (like throwing a bowling ball that doesn't roll). The predator has his advantageous and downright fun vision modes, and though they don't look graphically special they really work well and get the job done. Hunting pray that contrasts a washed out blue backround has never been more exciting! You also get to be invisible thanks to the wonders of predtech, and can sneak right up in front of a person, just be careful not to bump too close! To counter this, the marines are gifted with the ever-beeping motion tracker, a great new feature that employs sound just as much as it does a monitor, and vision enhancing flares and night goggles. The alien, most indigineous and crafty of them all, is supplied with a darkvision and is nearly invisible itself when it blends like a chameleon into the darkness. If you're an alien BREAK THOSE LIGHTS! For once, YOU get to play the scary monster in the horror movie, and I cannot STRESS how wonderful that feels! With all these fun and well implemented options, gameplay is nearly perfect and revolutionarily interesting for what could be a typical FPS. So we've covered the gameplay and graphics. Now's the part where I usually flub up myself- sound. Most first person shooters are just gunfire and alien squeals, and this game isn't much different, but by lifting memorable sounds from the movies with high quality, you get an immerisve real world feel in one of the most brilliantly concieved sci fi universes in the history of cinema. One final aspect that might dissapoint but is decent fair is the multiplayer. I never really got very into it because it limits to 8 players and is kinda clunky, but if you can find a working level with decent ping you'll usually have an enjoyable time, but nowadays its barely got enough players to fill a single server. Even so, as a standalone singleplayer you still have enough game to fill your diet. So what do I have to say overall? Well, I've had a lot of fun with this game, and I usually do with typical first person shooters, but this game is so much more! It involves you on a new level, making you the hero, the enemy, or the creepy critter skittering around in the darkness. You do not get this kind of feel from many games, and if you do, it surely will not be as well exectuted as Alien vs. Predator.