A differnet approach to your typical RTS

User Rating: 6.5 | Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction XBOX
I got this game because I love the AVP world and I thought a RTS would be really cool. An army of Predators stalking a base full of marines. The mining for materials was really cool, like the predators the materials were trophies you got from kills which was good because you got materials for fighting but it was also bad when you went up against a larger force and were not coming out the best in combat. The campaign was hard, the computer was ruthless, like one mission for the preds where you have to kill like 6 guys with missile launchers, but they have a detector and are surrounded by marines so my little band of predators got slaughtered then I didn't have enough warrirors left to hunt down small search parties to get more materials. This game had a great concept and some new ideas for RTS but in just kind of lacked in game play. I would say rent it first, once you've played it a bit and have got the hang of it you might wanna buy but other wise I wouldn't.