Aliens vs Predator are back but this time the war is in rts but how great was this game let find out

User Rating: 8.5 | Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction PS2
Aliens vs Predators Extinction
The Good
you can chose all tree species the Colonial Marines,the Aliens and my favourite the Predator
great idea of the rts
many type of unit you can chose from ech species
secondary objectivs are good
ech species have they own abilities a just right difficulty easy control they are 21 locations in the planet like jungle,desert,laboratory and caves
great suond effect and great job of the voices of each species
The Bad
one mistake could make you lose the level
no multiplayer a lest tree player cold be great

Aliens vs Predators Extinction is one of the great game you see in the ps2 you will have fun till you pass 100% complete ther you see your reward you cant miss this game in the ps2 you only get 7 mission of ech species in total of 21 mission in the campaing and no multiplayer but who cares is ther no multiplayer on long you can kill someone in the game