Great new twist on the RTS style gaming.

User Rating: 7 | Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction PS2
To be honest, when i first got this game, i hated it. I traded it in and never really thought about it. Then such games like Civilization opened me up to RTS.
I bought th game a few years later sat down and really enjoyed the game since. Sincw....forever....i've always been a big fan of the Alien series. So the oppurtunity to take control of a whole hive was so.......entertaining. Naturally, I hate the Predator movies, so, getting the chance to slaughter every predator that gets in my way was unmissable. Trust me, the aliens are the best of the three factions (marine, predator(eww) and alien)
Graphics wise, its ok but not the best. Audio is just ok as well. Story was pretty much non-exsistant but free mode was such a blast that i played for days on end.
I recommend this to people who are new and open minded to the RTS styled gameplays.