this game is very good but can get a bit boring if you havn't done the tutorials but it is a very good rts game

User Rating: 9 | Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction PS2
this is a very good game but it is very hard to choose the best spieceis the humans are the weakest but they have well i don't no but they are fun to be and the predators are the strongest but are fewer in numbers exept for the last predetor mission where youa max pop of 24 and the aliens have by far the most population there max pop is 45 but they rely on overwhelming there enmy but the predetors rely on stealth and the humans just rely on there sub-spiecies so on to the predetors they are a very good team if you know how to use them the starklers are espescially good with long range hits but you don't get them till the 3rd mission so i would suggest that you just use brawlers until the third mission then you can use the starlkers to wipe out the rest of the spiecies like humans not very good for aliens and also keep clear of synthetics and sentry guns now on to the aliens the aliens are a very hard speicies to play as you constantly need dead bodys to supply the population and the queen needs to stay where the eggs are other wise the eggs will easily be killed and even if the hatch the chances are that the facehuggers will make it or that the cocoon will actually hatch now on to the marines they are a very good team on the later missions with exo suits the infantry is also a good sub-spiecies but very basic it is more of an all rounder than a specific soldier the humans have a meduim population max no. the worst thing is that you have to wait 30 seconds for soldiers and they only go to the nearest landing beacon but overall they are a good group and the game is very good aswell and i would ussually play as the predetors but that is just my opinion