I've always been a fan of the alien and predator movies, and I thought this game was addicting.

User Rating: 8 | Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction XBOX
I've always been a fan of the movies, and saw aliens when I was five. I enjoyed this game a lot, particularly the aliens. You can also play as the predators or marines. The way the aliens get reinforcements is very unique. You have a queen that lays eggs, which hatch facehuggers, which attack comatose lifeforms, increasing the number of aliens that you have for combat. The predators collect skulls for honor points to order more reinforcements, and the marines fix atmospheric processors to gain money to order more troops from dropships. The difficulty of this game is just right, not too hard and not too easy. The graphics for this game aren't great, but the animation is pretty good. The environments are pretty bland, but the gameplay itself is very good. Overall, anyone who's a fan of aliens, predators, or rts's will probably enjoy this game.