This is short return to AVP 2 world delivering something new, but nothing special.

User Rating: 6.5 | Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt PC
Primal Hunt follows the formula of 3 separate campaigns in one game and does not seem to bring something innovative at all, apart from the new predalien creature. The game is really short even for expansion, and all it's gameplay elements are just a former shadow of their original ways. It is not that the quality has been decreased, or that the game became not interesting, but the new campaign is not just appealing than much and looks too repetitive, feels too familiar. You don't know if you want more of it, or you want it to end quicker. This is especially true in human and predalien campaigns and perhaps only the more variable predator mission justifies the zeal to finish the game.

So what is wrong with the 3 campaigns? Well starting with the human campaign it has a good beginning and a boring ending, but you will notice that the majority of the human's mission repeats action from the predator campaign - it's like in the same places they just switched from one character to another and pasted that character in the same spots from time to time and gave him the same aliens to kill. Of course, this occurrence is limited, but the rest of the mission does not get anywhere near to the quality of the human campaign in the original game, because it is not so scary and variable, and the end is really the most disappointing thing of the human mission, as you get all he most powerful weapons in the very end, like chaingun and the sniper rifle, but there is no need to utilize them, because there is nothing left to kill. The predalien campaign will feel like a fine refreshment, but from all 3 campaigns it will be the shortest! Here the problem is that, once, again, your goal is... to escape! But just like with the human campaign, the predalien campaign gets just worse when played more and the end is very disappointing, way too repetitive and honestly leaves you wandering how can this be the end of the mission, because it does not get you anywhere.. While it is fun to play as the predalien and the first segment of the "story" will leave you properly motivated, the whole aspect of the mission does not justify the cause to play it. We are left then with the predator campaign, which is, in my opinion, is the best, although certainly not as good as the one from original game. Perhaps it is the fact, that the nature of the predator makes you play slowly, enjoying stalking and thinking before doing anything, while with preadalien you basically have to run like hell all the time and sometimes skip sections just to survive. While in the shoes of the predator, you get to know some new monstrous inhabitants of the planet as well as get to explore the landscape very well for "secret places" or places, where you are not supposed to be. From all the campaigns, the predator campaign is the most "free to explore" and without a disappointing end.

Luckily this game was error free for me, and the sound sounded just as good as before. Speaking about soundtrack - it is your choice to either leave it or turn it off. There are not so much movie cut scenes like before and the whole "story" of the game feels very short when compared to the original - it is one of the main problems in human mission and overall experience. Nothing to take away from the graphics though...

Multiplayer is not worth mentioning - almost everyone still plays the original and does not pay attention to the Primal Hunt expansion, including me. It has been a while since Sierra servers are down and all what is left of the community are scattered around in the servers of the AVP 2 savior mod. Clearly the community have made their choice. One thing to mention though, is that the predalien was already available in the original AVP 2 mutlipalyer..

Though this expansion pack basically brought nothing new and was more disappointing at the end than enjoyable, AVP 2 in general is still, the greatest game about Aliens VS Predators franchise of all time and that is the good.