aliens colonial marines

User Rating: 6.5 | Aliens: Colonial Marines PC
ok so many negative reviews,do they have merrit,yes and no,i wanted this game to be the ultimate aliens game unfortunatley it isnt,what it is though is fun with friends online or co-op splitscreen,
ok lets start with the bad the textures and framerate is pretty bad in spots,also the ai of the aliens and some teamates is borderline dumb,its get frustrating when you hurt and your ai teamate watches you die,or the aliens just pop out of walls all choppy and stuff really takes away the feel of the aliens universe,also i wanted to be **** scared playing this,i wasnt i was just shooting,then going into another room and shoot some more.
Ok im done with the negatives what i did enjoy was playing this in co-op mode one of us used the tracker while the other waited for the aliens or human enemies, yes you read it you shoot people in this game but i ruin to much for you,that was fun working as a team,taking down aliens,also finding logs from the characters from the movie and also finding legendary weapons which were cool,the story mode if played by yourself i think you wouldnt like it that much unless a diehard alien fan,but with a friend or two or 3 its enjoyable,the mutiplayer is alot better better than story mode survivor was a very cool mode as 4 marines need to last as long as they can against aliens, the typical deathmatch is there to hopefully there be mode mutiplayer modes like a horde be cool but to early to tell, its a real shame that this game isnt the game we all hoped for yes its fun and is an ok shooter but with history of the whole aliens universe,here why on earth did it looked rushed in parts honestly some graphic were bad so i dont see why gearbox naffed it up really the game does look only half done,which is a real dampner im a huge aliens fan this just wasnt the aliens gam i hoped for ..who needs to answer to this im not sure gearbox i mean i saw video of such cool moments that arent even in the game so what happend,they the potentail to make the ultimate alien game and yet only made a passable shooter for a fun few hrs with mates rekindling on how this could of been the ultimate aliens..when its not shame on you gearbox... story mode gets a 5.5 out of 10 multiplayer gets a 6.5 out of 10