How could this happen?

User Rating: 2 | Aliens: Colonial Marines PC
After 5 years of waiting, many promises of the game the fans deserve, amazing looking footage with really impressive visuals and revolutionary lighting system we get this?

What happened? I'll tell you what happened. They outsourced the development to sub par studios that didn't have any love for the project, scrapped What GB had done and turned it into this abomination.

Why did Gearbox do this? Because they neglected the project, the put it aside for Borderlands. SEGA got tired of waiting..6 years! They demanded the release, Gearbox knew it was crap but they kept their faces and lied to the fans and released it.

It's the biggest disappointment of my gaming life.

Just look at the astonishing difference between the promised product and the final release in this comparision video:

The game looks so outdated. And where is that awesome lighting?

The game is full of bugs, it has no dedicated servers, no host migration. The story is bland, uninteresting characters, the gameplay is so linear, boring and very easy on even the hardest difficulty.

The MP is fun for a short while but it's too brightly lit like someone maxed the gamma and of course there is no way to change this in the settings.

The only good thing is the sound. They nailed the sounds. Voice acting is ok.

Stay away from this and future products by Gearbox Software. I hope someone sues them for false advertising. They lied about the game, showed us fake gameplay videos with footage never seen in the final game even though they claim it was.

I want my money back.