6 yrs development for what exactly?

User Rating: 4 | Aliens: Colonial Marines X360
Im still in shock at how they could make such a bad game in 6 yrs of development, I dont usually rage about games but this one has left me gobsmacked.

First it was the ultimate disappointment of waiting for a new Aliens film then we got Prometheus which was horrendous and then we wait ages for a good Aliens game and we get Alien Colonial Marines that feels and looks like it's a 8 yr old game. The gfx's are truly awful, the animations and enemy a.i are beyond childish, the sounds and music add absolutely nothing to the atmospehere. To top it off they remove horde mode from the game to sell as DLC and strip the games multiplayer of it's maps theres like 5 in total again to be sold as DLC, a truly shocking decision when the base game is so poor and void of content.

My advice do not buy this game until it's like £5-10 it will bomb very quickly and the online community will quickly disappear. Just dont be in the same boat as me I brought the game and the dlc season pass and I feel totally butthurt.