2013: A Space Travesty

User Rating: 10 | Aliens: Colonial Marines PC

They said this game would look best on the WiiU. I am guessing what they were trying to say is that the way the game looks on the WiiU is as best as it's going to get. They KNEW it was bad.

Before you decide to buy this game, I would advise you to take a careful look at the screenshots of this game on this very website. Looks good, right? Crisp, sharp, good lightening, decent textures. Well, that's not how the game looks. Either that, or they really did some good work on making the best possible screenshots to deceive the public.

The fire looks terrible and so does the smoke, the explosions and the water. The textures up close date back to 2004 at least. The broken glass windows break into several small pieces when shot and disappear in mid air. The dead aliens disappear too in their puddle of blood within 4 seconds. It also says the game uses PhysX but I don't see it. I found out that the game is supposed to be using next gen lightening, but I didn't see it either. Actually, I know that cannot be true since this game uses DX9 and the 2010 AVP used DX11. Talk about taking a step back. You can't see your legs but at least you cast a show [with legs].......Courtesy of the Unreal Engine 3 that frankly won't die and that is being kept on life support at this point.

There's no friendly fire, so when one of your buddies get surrounded by the xenos, then just spray left and right until the last xeno dies. There is no carefulness nor any meticulous shooting involved at all. The ammo is mostly plentiful but fear not! The melee button is there to save the day but more on that later.

Paradoxically speaking, the 2010 AVP's graphics excel these my a huge margin. I understand it's the different developer but damn! Regardless, both of these games are a far cry from AVP 2 which is still the best game in the "series" and possibly one of the best games ever made (retro-wise, at least).

The physics are horrendous. The aliens look like they however when they crawl on the walls, but at least they can jump ahead once again (even that looks sloppy especially when they sometimes rotate 180 degrees mid air). When you step on their acid, you don't get hurt. When they rush, you just melee them (like in 2010 AVP) and see a nice little auto-aim animation even if you are six feet away. First you are here, and then you press the melee button and you are right in front of the alien, and the two of you are literally having a boxing match, which you will always win. Remember that from the movie? And when you play on the hardest difficulty and die you just start from the last checkpoint (unlike from the beginning of the level like in AVP 2). When you play without the cross-hair, the red cross-hair still appears when you are shooting the alien. Why? I don't want cross-hair and I don't want the in-built auto-assist either, I'm using a mouse, thank you very much.

All in all, this game seems to forget that the aliens barely, if ever, attacked in force. They are cunning creatures that hide in the dark, that flank you, that surround you and then attempt to capture you alive if possible. What they do in this game is simply rush you from many directions. There is barely any tension involved. Any build up of anticipation for the next fire-fight is practically nonexistent, because in truth, the xenos are pretty easy to kill. I remember that in AVP 2 two Xenos could take you out on easiest difficulty in seconds. The solution for this game? more xenos. Oh, and don't forget about having to fight waves of human and droid enemies too. Remember THAT from the movie?

Co-op doesn't save the day. There's barely any "Co-Op" to begin with. Just running around, getting into each other's line of fire, and trying to kill as many xenos for experience to use for your next gun, remember that in the movie? Remember the marines being all psyched for the next alien encounter?

I also love it how Steam says it's a 20 GB game making you think that it's gonna be a huge game with rich textures, long campaign and decent multiplayer. However, when you start downloading the game, it only weights around 6-7GB. Watch out, I guess it's gonna be a short campaign! and then...game over, man. I am trying to be funny which is a self-defense mechanism since I have just shelled out $ 50 for this tripe.

There are also bugs. Sometimes you see human enemy AI stuck. Then when you approach them they start shooting you. When you die and reload the checkpoint those very same enemy AIs are gone.

In the very least, this is an arcade shooting game, with decent sound, where you get to shoot aliens, and people while upgrading your arsenal, err...right? If you want a better, longer, cheaper and much more interesting campaign, play the Marine Campaign in AVP 2 (2001).

OR, you can wait until they finish that CryEngine -Aliens vs Predator mod which will probably be free anyway, so save your money, pickles.

P.S. Spoiler or not, the scene with the Marine who decides to blow himself up with a grenade and endanger his friends as well as the ship was really stupid. Way to go, bro, take out your brothers with you.

"Semper Fi, do or die"

I guess DIE. Welcome to DIE.