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Since there's more information about the game, and Prometheus has already been released I wanted to r-post a topic I made a while ago on this forum with some additional statements.


Is what I really want to see in this game. If there's a part where you see the Space Jockey much like in AvP 2, then I'm sold. If not, then... meh. However, now that I know more about the Space Jockey I'll be even more inclined to buy it since there's a possibility that the game might show someone removing the suit off of the original Space Jockey. Thoughts?

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We did a hands on and interview with them at E3 and this is what we know. You do go into the derlict from the first film, there is very, very loose connection to "Prometheus" but the focus is on "Aliens". The detail level is amazing down to the marks on the table of the Sulaco from the knife game Bishop and Hudson played.

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I would love to see a Space Jockey in this game,but something tells me it's not going to happen.Too bad,because it could mean that there's now a new kind of enemy against mankind,not only the terror that is the Alien threat.Dark Horse made a lot of Alien comics,and I remember three comic books that were supposed to be the sequel to the second Alien movie.In the end,the Aliens had conquered Earth,which was the plan of the Space Jockeys all along.They wanted Earth for themselves,and they had the technology to destroy all of the Aliens on planet Earth,thus taking Earth for themselves.The movie Prometheus is not the only source we have that proves Space Jockeys are against mankind.By the way,I would love to see what happens on the sequel of Prometheus.

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why do the Space Jockeys use the aliens instead of just killing humans another way, and how were they going to "cleanup" the aliens? I don't know anything about their tech, but seems like aliens are a bigger pain in the azz than humans and they multiply faster(or not?). :D